Tesla fixes bug in open source Bitcoin software, US-compliant mining pool and Norwegian billionaire steps in BTC

2 min readMar 31, 2021
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Tesla helps to fix bugs in open source Bitcoin software

The auto giant Tesla has gone a step further than simply buying bitcoin and accepting BTC for selling their cars. They now even contributed fixes to open-source software built on the Bitcoin network.

In a tweet, the developers behind the popular payment processor and wallet service BTCPay Server wrote:

After spotting a potentially critical flaw in code posted on the GitHub repository by BTCPay Server, Tesla reached out to the project and helped the developers create a patch.

Source: cryptonews

First fully regulated American ‘blacklist’ mining farm

Major American-based mining firm Marathon Digital Holdings has announced the launch of what it describes as the first North American Bitcoin mining pool that is “fully compliant with U.S. regulations.”

According to a March 30 announcement, the pool adheres to U.S. anti-money laundering guidelines and rules set out by the Office of Foreign Asset Control, or OFAC. Marathon will ensure the transactions processed by its pool meet regulatory standards by using technology exclusively licensed by DMG Blockchain allowing transfers to be filtered.

The firm will begin diverting 100% of its current hash power to the new pool from May 1. Marathon’s new pool also plans to begin accepting hash power pooled from other U.S.-based miners from June 1. They expect to have 6,4% of the current combined hash rate in 2022.

Source: CoinTelegraph

Another Norwegian billionaire buys Bitcoin

A Norwegian billionaire who denounced Bitcoin just did a 180 after revealing that he had investments in BTC and in ecosystem. Øystein Stray Spetalen allegedly invested ~$50 million in bitcoin and bought shares in the biggest Norwegian exchange, called MiraiEx.

The business tycoon made his stance on Bitcoin very clear:

“The only thing I have made an analysis of is that Bitcoin today consumes as much energy as all of Norway’s energy consumption. It is extremely environmentally hostile. If one really meant anything about Bitcoin, the authorities and the EU should ban this immediately… It’s just nonsense. We are doing well with the payment systems that are in place today.”

He follows the moves from his fellow Norwegian businessmen Røkke. He announced earlier this month that he had established a new firm called Seetee, a firm specifically dedicated to investing in Bitcoin and the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Source: DailyHodl

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