New application for Bitcoin ETF, whitepaper hosted by governments and $1 million donation for policy-maker-educators

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New application for Bitcoin ETF

This fund would be listed on the New York Stock Exchange and use Coinbase Custody for the custodial serives. The past years, several applications had been denied by the SEC. They concluded that the Bitcoin market was not mature enough and that it was too easily manipulatable.

Leah Wald, CEO of Valkyrie Investments, told CoinDesk:

“Our executive team has previously launched multiple ETFs, publicly traded funds, and ETPs, including bitcoin funds.”

At the end of December, VanEck re-submitted an application to the SEC for a VanEck Bitcoin Trust ETF.

Source: Nasdaq

Estonia and Colombia governments are hosting Bitcoin whitepaper

“We are happy to preserve the original Bitcoin whitepaper here on our website as a source of inspiration for future innovators looking to understand how to use blockchain technology in support of facilitating cross-border business and other applications.”

Last week, lawyers with the law firm Ontier LLP claiming to represent Wright, sent a notice of copyright infringement to and, both of which had links to the white paper.

As a result of that, hundreds of entities, companies and individuals started hosting the whitepaper on their website. Later on, the Colombian government followed as well.

Source: Decrypt

Millions of dollars donated to Coin Center

The asset manager follows a previous initiative from Kraken in 2018, when they donated up to $3 million.

The Coin Center team educates policymakers about how bitcoin, crypto and blockchain works

In the meantime, Kraken joined the JoinAndMatch campagin with a grant of $100.000, as well as John Pfeffer and Peter McCormack with $50.000 and $10.000. Grayscale will top all the aditional donations up to $1 more million.

Source: Coin Center

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