LND down again, MoneyGram offers bitcoin trading and retailer Pick n Pay to accept crypto’s

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Huge transaction brought down LND again

Now the same happened, for the second time in two weeks.

Yesterday, Burak stroke again. “Sometimes to find the light, we must first touch the darkness,” he tweeted accompanying another huge transaction. This time, the impact only hit LND nodes.

Everybody else remained in synch, while LND was stuck. For a while there, LND nodes could route payments but were unaware of the state of the chain. Lightning Labs acknowledged the bug in their official channels and got to work on a hotfix that was released a few hours later.

Source: Newsbtc

Grocery retailer Pick n Pay to start accepting cryptocurrency payments

Pick n Pay, a well-known grocery chain in South Africa, has begun a pilot to accept bitcoin payments in-store at its headquarters location. The payments platform is offered by Electrum, a payment technology provider, while the bitcoin payments infrastructure is provided by the bitcoin exchange Luno.

According to the business Pick n Pay, its Bitcoin payments pilot extends to 39 locations in South Africa’s major cities. In the upcoming months, it intends to expand to every one of its locations.

Source: Cryptopolitan

MoneyGram opens bitcoin trading for U.S. customers

The service was launched with Coinme, a crypto exchange, and crypto service provider. MoneyGram and Coinme partnered in 2021. At that time, the partners launched the first in-store crypto trading service. This product allowed users to access bitcoin and crypto across thousands of point-of-sale in the United States.

The companies have been working on expanding their cooperation and n onboarding more users to the crypto space. These efforts translated into developing that crypto-to-fiat model to the recent launch bitcoin trading service in the MoneyGram app.

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