El Salvador buys 21 BTC, company Mexican billionaire accepts Bitcoin and Russians invested $67 billion in crypto

2 min readDec 22, 2021
Photo by Twitter @ethmessages on Unsplash

El Salvador buys 21 BTC

El Salvador, the first county to legalize Bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender has bought an additional 21 Bitcoin.

President Nayib Bukele who has played a key role in bringing BTC to the masses in the country announced they have bought an additional 21 BTC to mark the last 21st day of the year 21 of the 21st century.

Russians invested 5 billion rubles in cryptocurrencies

Russian residents have swapped 5 trillion of their national fiat (over $67.5 billion) with cryptocurrencies, a high-ranking member of the State Duma has revealed, without indicating a time frame.

He spoke during hearings at the lower house of the Russian parliament on Monday. Head of the Financial Market Committee Anatoly Aksakov stated:

According to some reports, 5 trillion rubles have already been invested by Russians in cryptocurrency.

Aksakov remarked that the crypto market has attracted interest from investors, including ordinary Russians.

Source: Bitcoin.com

Mexico’s Grupo Elektra accepts BTC

Grupo Elektra , a company headquartered in Mexico , has announced that it will begin accepting bitcoin as a form of payment. Users can now make purchases with cryptocurrency.

The company is owned by Ricardo Pliego, the third wealthiest businessmen in the Central-American country. It’s widely known that the billionaire is a fan of the digital economy.

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