Central Banks Recommended to Ban Stablecoins, EU Parliament report suggest to cover regulatory ‘blind spots’ and Bitcoin fund listed on Canadian Stock Exchange

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Central Banks Recommended to Ban Stablecoins

These fiat-pegged cryptocurrencies, like Tether, Dai and USDC, are coming under scrutiny, based on the advice from the FSB.

The FSB is an international entity that provides suggestions on the global financial system. It comprises central banks and finance ministries from major G20 economies.

The stablecoins, and most specific the USDT, play an important role in the Bitcoin ecosystem. The trading volume of the BTC-USDT pair is immense and the industry relies on these fiat-onramps.

Source: Cryptobriefing

Europe should move to cover regulatory ‘blind spots’ for crypto assets: EU Parliament report

In short, a new study revealed that these blind spots in the current AMLD5, are entities like decentralized exchanges, miners and private token(s sales).

“To bring the European AML/CFT framework up to speed with the current reality in the crypto-space, the EU could consider a number of regulatory actions,”

One of their concern is that criminals can mine cryptocurrencies directly from their home without needing an fiat onramp which can be tracked.

Source: The Block

Bitcoin fund in Canada, listed on the TSX

The Bitcoin Fund is the first bitcoin fund in the world that can be redeemed at NAV (Nett Asset Value). It has been approved by the Ontario Securities Commission, a major securities regulator, and is easy for investors to access.

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