Bitcoin starts third signaling period for Taproot, Mempool empties and $270 billion fund seeks Bitcoin exposure

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Bitcoin starts Taproot signaling period #3

Each mining pool can signal their voice by each new block which they add to the blockchain. If more than 90% of the blocks within a difficulty adjustment epoch (2016 blocks) signals in favour of Taproot, the upgrade will be activated November this year.

Taproot is an update which consist of several different parts, being described in three different BIPS (Bitcoin Improvement Proposals). The main components are Schnorr Signatures and a MAST-structure. It hides more information about transaction and hereby improves privacy and also increase the programmability.

Mempool emptied for the first time in months

Once a transaction is broadcasted, it won’t be confirmed immediately. All unconfirmed transactions are waiting in the mempool, to be picked by the miners. The tx’s with the highest fee are most likely to be confirmed the soonest.

Since the mempool is empty again, it might be smart to consolidate some of your UTXO’s and/or open Lightning channels.

$270 billion fund Guggenheim is seeking Bitcoin exposure, SEC filing shows

The fund, officially the ‘Guggenheim Active Allocation Fund,’ will invest in cryptocurrencies (mainly Bitcoin) as part of a larger bracket of traditional and alternative assets. It shall utilize quantitative and qualitative analysis to identify securities with attractive relative value and risk/reward characteristics.

Source: CryptoSlate

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