Bitcoin hash-rate reaches ATH, BTC in Billions and Space with Satellites 2.0

Bitcoin hashrate reaches all-time high

At the 3rd of May the Bitcoin hashrate hit a new record. Despite the halving getting closer, this data shows there are more and more mining rigs turned on resuling in an increasing hashrate.

Within a couple of days the reward will half from 12,5 BTC to 6,25 BTC for each new block.

But apparently, this is not (yet) a reason for the miners to shut down and “wait and see’’.

Yesterday, the mining difficulty rose with 0,92% as a respons to this increasing hashrate. The halving is expected to happen at the 11th or 12th of May.

Bitcoin in Billions

The financial drama series Billions starts its fifth season with bitcoin. An American lawyer discusses the concept of bitcoin mining and the value of BTC.

He does not believe in the concept and is ranting about its intrinsic value. “But what’s a dollar backed by since we went off the gold standard?”

Bitcoin goes to Space with Blockstream Satellites 2.0

Last week, Blockstream announced their upgraded version of the Blockstream Satellites. This makes it easier to run a bitcoin node and do BTC payments without the need of an internet connection.

This major update includes a new transmission protocol, more bandwidth, a larger coverage area. They aslo announced preorders for two Satellite Kits.

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