Bitcoin Core maintainer Falke steps back, self-hosted wallet ban in EU avoided and Coinbase revenue in Q4

2 min readFeb 22, 2023
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Bitcoin Core maintainer Marco Falke announces to step down

Bitcoin Core maintainer Marco Falke has announced he will step down from the role.

The prolific Bitcoin developer took to Twitter on Tuesday, saying:

“In a challenging decision, I concluded to transition out of my role as maintainer. I remain passionate about open source and Bitcoin and I am positive about the future, however being a maintainer is no longer a good fit for me personally.”

Falke also took the time to thank his sponsors. His latest funding support came from a joint grant by Okcoin and Paradigm.

There are only four remaining maintainers of the Bitcoin Core codebase now, besides the dozens of contributers.

Source: BitcoinMagazine

Coinbase fourth-quarter revenue beats estimates despite falling 57% year-on-year

Coinbase’s fourth-quarter revenue beat estimates, with the exchange reporting revenue of $604.9 million compared to the $589 million FactSet estimate.

Although ahead of expectations, full year revenue came in 57% lower than levels seen in 2021, down to $3.1 billion from over $7.3 billion.

Coinbase said the firm and the industry were “largely resilient” despite “major shocks to the system” during the quarter and a 64% drawdown in the price of digital assets during 2022.

The US company reported adjusted EBITDA of negative $124 million for the fourth quarter, in line with estimates. Adjusted EBITDA for the entire year came in at negative $371 million, down from over $4 billion in 2021.

Source: The Block

Self-hosted wallet ban avoided in new draft of EU’s anti-money laundering bill

Self-hosted addresses, formerly known as “unhosted wallets” in the European Union’s policies, are back in discussion as European Parliament staff look to clarify that lawmakers do not want an outright ban on non-custodial services.

Privacy-enhancing crypto assets and “anonymizing instruments,” including privacy wallets or crypto mixers, may be prohibited under the current text of the anti-money laundering regulation draft bill, according to documents seen by The Block. The latest changes to the text clarify that these restrictive provisions should not apply to self-hosted wallets in most cases.

Non-custodial services have been in the EU’s crosshairs since the Transfer of Funds Regulation (TFR) first sparked debates on “unhosted wallets” last year when it set down crypto transaction and know-your-customer rules.

Source: The Block

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