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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) urged El Salvador on Tuesday to “eliminate the quality of legal tender” of Bitcoin. They also express their concern about the issuance of cryptocurrency-backed bonds that the country’s government plans to do Central American.

Through a statement, the international credit organization announced that the Executive…

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The first IPO for the crypto industry in 2022 comes from a Texas-based Bitcoin mining company Rhodium Enterprises.

In an SEC filing made last week, Rhodium plans to offer 7.69 million shares at $12-$14 each in an initial public offering (IPO). Trading under the ticker “RHDM” on Nasdaq, 56.8 million…

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Executive vice-chairman of China’s biggest online retail platform Alibaba, Joe Tsai took Twitter by storm yesterday when he tweeted “I like crypto.”

What made it even more prominent is the fact that China has taken a no-nonsense policy against crypto banning all forms of crypto mining and declaring crypto transactions…

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Sparkasse, a German savings bank, is working to implement a bitcoin trading offering for its 50 million customers. The old municipal institution is reportedly preparing a service with which clients could start buying and selling BTC as early as next year.

The report said the previously secret project is located…

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The biggest news of the past week comes from El Salvador. President Nayib Bukele is planning to use a so-called bitcoin bond to fund a new municipality called “Bitcoin City,” which would be powered with geothermal energy from a volcano.

He said the bonds will be available in 2022. He…


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